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into the grounds water. the red areas on this map show the known sewage breaks throughout san anselmo and fare tax and larkspur. >> we know the severity of the problem and we want to get it directed. >> many breaks go undetected, creating sinkholes on the streets until the pavement collapsed and sewage bubbles out. tree roots are invading and grease is clogging up a system that averages 30 structural defects per mile of pipe. it will cost about $300 million to rebuild the system, but over the summer the ross valley sanitary district board voted down a rate increase and a $70 million bond proposal. >> i voted against selling the bonds, sure. >> why? >> i wanted to put it on the ballot. let the rate payers weigh in. >> the maximum state fine could reach $800,000. >> engineers say it is hard to measure the environmental damage because a lot of the leaks are under ground. it is a costly situation anyway you put it. reporting live in san rafael, alan wang, abc7 news. >> costly and unpleasant. thanks very much. >>> the spare the air season begins tonight and violators will face tougher penalties. there
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1